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2-in-1 Floor Brush Cleaner &  Squeegee with Long Handle

Meet your new 

cleaning partner

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Better. Beautiful.

More Powerful.

Engineered to take away your floor brushing frustrations.

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Bye bye,
floor brushing frustrations

Meet the Guudhome DUO 2-in-1 long-handle floor brush tool. Watch it take away the pains of cleaning your home floors. 


Say Goodbye

Woman using long handled scrub brush to clean the tile floor.

to an aching


Sturdy long handled floor brush handling 45 pounds of force.

to cheap products

that bend

Extendable long scrub brush with click-on technology lock to ensure rod stays in place.

to rods that don't stay in place

Copy of shutterstock_1447690475_Mop-in-Hand_New_Logo.png

to brush heads

that fall off


Say goodbye
to an aching back 

Save your back and knees. The DUO’s 51-inch telescopic rod allows you to comfortably stand while brushing your home floors.

Say goodbye

to cheap products that bend

Strongest in its class, the DUO is designed to handle 45 pounds of force, the same weight as a medium-sized airline suitcase.

DUO in Bathroom-3 (Tub).png

Say goodbye

to rods that don't

stay in place

Its newly-designed Telescopic Click-Lock® feature ensures the rod stays in place at   the length you want.

Click Lock Close Up.png
Copy of shutterstock_1447690475_Mop-in-Hand_New_Logo.png

Say goodbye

to brush heads 

that fall off

The DUO's Click-On® feature connects the brush head to its telescopic rod and keeps it there. Stays 100% in place.

DUO in Modern Kitchen w_ Woman-1.png

cleaning at home

Suitable for multi-surface application except wood.

Marble • Tile • Terra Cotta • Ceramic • Porcelain • Stone •
Concrete • Linoleum • Vinyl



I’m a big guy at 6’2. I wanted a long handle floor brush, so I don’t get on my knees to clean. I wanted to get to hard-to-reach areas. I wanted it sturdy enough for when I scrub really hard. The DUO totally lived up to my expectations!

The handle is high-quality aluminum. First, I clean, not worried it will bend. Then, with a 50-inch telescopic rod, I comfortably stand, brush floors, and squeegee, without hurting my back or my ever knees touching the floor. A lifesaver for taller folks! Using it on walls too. 

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John Williams
Kentucky, USA

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