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2-in-1 Floor Brush Cleaner &  Squeegee with Long Handle


One Size





More features.
Get what you pay for.

Beautifully Designed

Modern minimalist aesthetic in cool grey, clean white & brush aluminium.

DUO in Bathroom-2 (Stairs).png

30% More Brushing Power

With a 10-inch floor brush head, the DUO does more in less time. Outclasses the typical 7-inch floor brush.


30% Longer

Perfectly designed for the American height. With a maximum length of 50-inches once the telescopic rod is fully extended.


hello, World Changer

When you shop this product over others, you support changing a poor child’s life in Vietnam by giving them access to quality education. We donate to the Saigon Train Station Orphanage & Son Ca Kindergarten.

Child 1_edited.jpg
Child 2_edited.jpg
Child 3_edited.jpg

More Notable Features

G (3 hình white B)-01.webp

lightweight aluminum

The DUO weighs just a little over 1 pound.

G (3 hình white B)-02.webp

ergonomic grip

Ergonomic grip design
provides comfort during use.

G (3 hình white B)-03 (1).webp

built-in hang hook

Yes, you can save space and
hang it.

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